Making the most of your consultant
  1. Prepare your CV and post/email it to your Consultant focusing on experience and skills.
  2. Send in a covering letter highlighting your career aspirations so the consultancy knows your ambitions. This will be welcomed so they have a basis for the future.
  3. Give your consultancy as much information about yourself as possible:

    • Contact details
    • Date of Birth
    • Job preference being either Contract or Permanent
    • Are you authorised to work in the EU?
    • Location - how flexible are you?
    • Driving licence
    • Availability
    • Salary
    • Qualifications

  4. Remember you want your consultant to "sell" you so avoid jargon and be straight to the point because this is how you want your consultant to treat you in the future.
  5. If your consultant organises an interview, they should fill you in about the location, what you should wear, what you need to prepare, how long the interview will last and how to get there so that you are more than prepared. You shouldn't have to ask.
  6. Ask for feedback. Your consultant will probably wait for you to gather your thoughts after an interview before contacting you. The more information you give them about the interview the more feedback they can obtain for you from the client.
  7. Your consultancy should be capable of negotiating for you so don't hesitate to tell them them what you want with regards to a suitable renumeration package. They should be working for you.
  8. A good consultancy will not secure you a new job and then forget about you. They should keep up a good level of communication with you and make sure that you settle in well.
  9. A good consultancy will be in contact with you even if you are not currently working for them. They should endeavour to find out your current situation so they are in a position to find you work when you become available.
  10. You should be able to use your consultancy as a source of advice.
  11. You should contact your consultant and let them know if you have any changes to mobile numbers, addresses and emails.
  12. You need to feel confident in the level of trust you have with your consultancy.
  13. If you are unhappy with the service you get form your Consultancy you need to make them aware. If they do not address the issue then you may consider moving.
  14. A good consultancy will be readily available for you during the working day.
  15. You should feel confident that your consultancy is doing its best to find you suitable employment.

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