Ten top covering letter tips
  1. This is a cover to your CV. You want the reader to look at it and want to read your CV. Be brief - one page long. Use enthusiastic language and be interesting.
  2. Be Accurate - spell the name of the company contact correctly and structure the letter in a formal way.
  3. Talking in the first person by saying "I this, I that" is too repetitive so try to avoid this.
  4. Knowledge - look at the company website and tell the reader how you can contribute to furthering their organisation.
  5. Say what you are applying for and why you are the ideal person for the job.
  6. Refer to your CV but use different language. Make these relevant to job and employer.
  7. Examples - back up a statement by including a scenario from the workplace. This will enable the reader to analyse your logic and thought process.
  8. Try not to distort the truth in your covering letter. An employee may use this as a basis to direct questions to you during an interview.
  9. If you are not applying for a specific role then you need to be slightly broader in your content:
    • Research the company and try to understand what they look for in employees
    • Call up the company and get the name of a decision maker to ensure it lands on their desk, otherwise it may get lost in the internal post.
    • Ask for a particular action - for example: ask for a reply or for an interview.
    • In the body of your letter try and include as much of your experience as you can but be factual.
    • Mirror language that the company has used on their website.
  10. Follow up the letter with a phone call to check your application has arrived. Leave this for a few days to enable delivery of the letter and also giving the reader chance to actually go through your CV in detail.
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