Ten top CV tips
  1. Make it clear, concise, interesting and easy on the eye.
  2. Have clear contact details
    • Address
    • Email - make sure this is business like and formal
    • Contact number
  3. Stimulate interest straight away. Do this by following this checklist:
    • What are your selling points?
    • If you have a job specification, which of these words apply to you?
    • Draft your skills, qualifications and experiences.
    • A well structured CV implies you think logically.
    • Don't waffle, use slang or abbreviations
  4. Structure
    • Contact Details
    • Profile of who you are
    • Employment History (most recent first)
    • You may want to use bullet points to list achievements
    • Education - only relevant qualifications are necessary
    • Hobbies and Interests can be listed in a few sentences. Nothing too radical
    • List any professional memberships
    • State that references are available on request
  5. Layout - keep it simple, don't be too adventurous because the reader wants to read about you and won't take the time admiring your artistic efforts.
  6. Facts only. Use your language sensibly to save space and avoid confusion
  7. Make claims and then back them up with evidence, translate this into terms that will appeal to the job you are applying for.
  8. Avoid clichés like "creative", "dynamic", "enthusiastic" and "original". This is too common and using different language will help set you out from your competition. Let the reader make a conclusion about you.
  9. Length - no more than 2-3 pages, any longer and they will give up half way through. Make their job as easy as possible and this will make an impact.
  10. Don't:
    • Include irrelevant job experience
    • Say why you left previous jobs
    • Include negativity or humour
    • Don't title your CV "Curriculum Vitae", only use your name and contact.
    • Include non essential information like the number of children you have, your health, height etc. Employers should not be swayed by such information because this is not based on merit or experience.
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