Ten top interview tips
  1. PREPARE - the interviewer wants to know about you but you should use this opportunity to ask questions about the company at the same time. Research the company. It's not wise to talk about salary in this first interview because it gives the wrong impression.
  2. CV - Make sure that you can talk confidently about the information you have put in your CV. It is always best to be honest on your CV in case you are asked about a particular subject during your interview.
  3. RESEARCH - Look at the company website to find out about their products, what they do, their locations, partners, number of employees etc. You may be asked for an opinion on an issue related to the company so you need to be knowledgeable.
  4. APPEARANCE - If you are unsure about what the company dress code is, call up the office and ask. Expect that most offices have a smart business dress policy. Keep your dress clean, simple and smart.
  5. ARRIVAL - Make sure you arrive early for your interview. This will help you avoid being flustered and on edge if you turn up late. Plan your journey at every stage, anticipating delays. Keep a company contact number with you and call ahead if it looks like you are going to be late.
  6. THE INTERVIEW - Ask your consultant what type of interview to expect and for any other related details:
    • Panel
    • One to one
    • Group session
    • Tests
  7. You may need to prepare information.
  8. COMMUNICATION - Sell yourself without dominating the conversation. Tell them how you can meet the candidate specifications. Don't use any negative language, if asked, turn negative experiences into something positive and tell the interviewer what you learnt from the experience. Ask them how the position will add to the growth of the organisation and how you as a candidate will contribute to this.
  9. BODY LANGUAGE - Have good posture and keep your head up high. When meeting the interviewer display manners and a firm handshake. Don't lean too far forward in the interview, this may invade the interviewers private space and make you appear forceful. Don't cross your arms but hold them in your lap so you don't appear defensive. Relax into your chair with a straight back, this will help you breathe properly which will keep you relaxed and alert. Carry any papers in a folder and only accept a drink if you feel comfortable having one.
  10. CONCLUDING - If you are really keen on the job, tell the interviewer. Ask if there will be a second interview and who will be conducting it. Give your consultancy as much information about the interview so they can give you maximum feedback. Make your consultancy work for you and negotiate on your behalf if necessary.
  11. LESSONS - Take something away form the interview because you may be called back for a second interview. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses.
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